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About us

Who We Are

VKhmer Express is the future and modern view for Cambodian taxi drivers to provide the customers/passengers the best quality of transportation and delivery service.

VKhmer Express is an app or service, that provided by VKhmer Express Group. The service focus for all kinds of transportation and delivery service in Cambodia, no matter where you are, the service will be on your hand ever. We will provide all of you with good service/application, which runs smoothly every time. The service points and pins your location with drivers near around you, and where you want to go you can hail/call to driver booking with your mobile device to choose the auto vehicle below:

  • Khmer Autorickshaw (Romork Kong Bei Khmer)
  • Autorickshaw
  • Cab, Bike, SUV, Van, Bus
  • and, then you will think that is so awesome app that you wishing and addicting to use even you are the customer/passenger or driver.

Purpose of Service/app:

  • Conservative what is Khmer Vehicle which are Khmer Auto Rickshaws and Cyclos (now operate in field tourism).
  • Improve the app that has origin in Cambodia and develop by Cambodian Developer.
  • Cut down time waiting to free driver to customers/passengers demands and need.
  • Make a driver provide good delivery and transportation with Traffic law and courtesy.
  • Enhance Tourism in Cambodia that relate to our app.
  • Provide insurance for Vehicles.
  • Train drivers with the code of conduct morally.

The Feature in Future Foregoing:

  • VRide
  • VEat
  • VBills
  • VHotel
  • VWallet
  • VEntertainment
  • VEmbassy
  • VMart
  • VEducation

Did you know

The app can install for your mobile device to process now, do not need to be await or hesitate just install it. It is the legal software.


We provide local taxi service at low prices. The drivers have experienced to their own vehicle, they can complete by provide you to place where you want no losing directions and no taking time to waste. Proving the reasonable fees to customer.

Our Features Some features will improve all the time not steady, it will improve to the best point to all users.


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